Wilderness survival training and advice as individual as your needs.

Whether you're a managing director, senior staff member, student or just like to spend your free time outdoors. Everyone can benefit from a wilderness survival course in many ways. Some of the perks are obvious, such as surviving a wilderness emergency, natural disaster, or preventing a mishap from occurring in the first place through educated prevention and planning.

Other training benefits are more subtle, but overall, no less important. All self-reliance skills profoundly increase your self-confidence, common sense and awareness of how Mother Nature and human nature work. In the world of survival and life itself, there is no substitute for a positive attitude. Working with others accomplishing time-honored activities enhances group dynamics, cooperation and creative problem solving skills in an honest, no-nonsense fashion allowing you to better understand yourself and those around you.

Factors in the design of your custom adventure:

  1. Location for training.
  2. Length of the training.
  3. Number of people.
  4. Time of the year.
  5. The skills you desire to learn.
  6. The intention or motivation for your training.

Possible subjects

Personality development

reduce stress and become aware of yourself

Survival fitness

be prepared both mentally and physically

Close combat

learn effective self-defense techniques


being ready for surviving disaster

Equipment selection

pack the things you really need

How to use your tools

learn the safety rules and proper application